Notice of Marriage

Once you’ve selected a date and venue for your wedding, you have a legal obligation to give notice of your intention to marry (Notice of Marriage). This must be done in person at a registry office, by both grooms/brides. The notices of marriage are then displayed to the public for 28/70 days in the register office, in case anyone has any legal objections to the proposed marriage.

When to give notice

Notices of marriage expire after 12 months, so give notice no earlier than 1 year before your planned wedding date. Once you have given notice, at least 28/70 days must be allowed to pass before you can marry.

Making an appointment

In order to give notice of marriage, you will need to make an appointment with your local register office. Remember that both grooms/brides are required to give notice, so ensure that you both have an appointment.


You will be asked to produce certain documents as evidence of your name, age, nationality and address. If you have ever changed your name, been married or been in a civil partnership before, you will be asked to supply additional evidence


You will be required to pay a fee in order to give notice of marriage and this may be taken as a deposit when making your appointment.